Mark your calendars to join us on the Bayou for

MG&A's Ninth Annual Retreat.

New for 2017!

  For first time, we will be offering the Discovery “Gateway” Training.  This training is for anyone wishing to possibly proceed toward Certification following the retreat. 

   Space for the Discovery “Gateway” Training will be limited to 25 slots.


   The Discovery Retreat will be open to anyone who has been to a MG&A training on Discovery, Job Development or Systematic Instruction, either as a Gateway or one of our training not associated with Gateway.  You will be able to choose from 4 areas of interest including the 3 MG&A Certification areas and General interest in Discovery.  Prior attendance at one of our retreats is not required for attending this year’s retreat.

   The 2017 retreat will offer four focus areas: Discovery Certification, Job Development Certification, Systematic Instruction Certification and General Areas of Discovery.  If you select one of the certification areas as your focus area, you must be either certified in that area or currently working toward certification in that area. If you are not certified in any of the three areas of certification, then you will want to select General Areas of Discovery as your focus group for the retreat. Teresa Callahan, Coordinator for Discovery Certification will lead the Discovery focus group; Melinda Mast, Coordinator for Job Development Certification will lead the Job Development focus group; Pam Bossert, Coordinator for Systematic Instruction Certification will lead the Systematic Instruction focus group; and, Norciva Shumpert will lead the General Areas of Discovery focus group. One topic of discussion in the certification focus groups will be on the mentoring process and how to increase the number of qualified mentors. Topics in the General Areas of Discovery will include in-depth discussions of Discovery and the process of Discovery that have been the hallmark for previous retreats. Participants in this focus group will set the agenda to insure their topics are covered.

    Space for the Discovery Retreat will be limited to 45 slots.


More Information to follow, watch your email. 



Beginning Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 3:30pm CST

Ending Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 12pm CST

Check in

Saturday, October 21, 2017

1pm-3:30pm CST


Gulf Coast Research Lab, 

University of Southern Mississippi


Ocean Springs, Mississippi